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Monday, August 14, 2006
Absent or On The Run?

commando kitty
The cat with the dirty face has been absent for three days. I'm worried he's wandered on to the main road and had an accident. Many of our neighbours drive like maniacs along our narrow lanes, only to slow down when they are close enough to home to run over their own offspring. Some don't even slow down when they see a cat!

Alternatively, it's possible our dirty faced fluff has skipped town for a day or two as the stray black girls at the back have produced a litter of very loud kittens. They're squeaking their little heads off, and keeping their mum and aunts on the run 24/7. Fingers crossed he's OK - and that the kittens settle down soon!

PS the cat on the right is one of the back lane kitties practicing his commando tactics.


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So cute!!!
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