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Thursday, March 22, 2007
Office Chair Kitty

Au on the office chair
Au and I are having a tussle over the office chair. When I go into the office to switch on the PC first thing in the morning, Au is firmly ensconced in his seat. Ears back, he'll glare at me as if to dare me to move him.

I leave him be and go downstairs to make coffee while the PC boots. While I'm gone Au rolls onto his back and hooks a claw into the fabric of the chair. By the time I get back upstairs he's lying there, pretending to be fast asleep.

Au usually gets his own way. If he wants a sofa spot, I’ll sit somewhere else. If he is in bed first, I'm willing to curl around him. But work is different. "Someone," I tell him sternly every day, "has to earn the cat biscuits. And unless you start typing, you’ll have to give way on the seat."

When I pick him up to move him to the bedroom, Au whimpers, sticks another claw into the chair, and pretends he's wounded to the core.

Cats! They're so histrionic!


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Oh dear! Au is spoilt rotten! Haha... The Spice Cats never complain when I move them away from my seat, as long as I let them sit beside me.
Your cat lives in your office?
Your orange kitty looks like my orange kitty! So cute! I like the pose your kitty has in the chair!
My wife did have to explain to her boss once why there are blue scratches on one of her letter when she bring her work home. It was actually Jelly trying to 'help' in drafting a letter by showing her affection to my wife
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